TGL supplies products and services to companies of all sizes in the home goods and apparel industries. If you’re one of the massive international brands we supply to, you probably have an art department to handle the branding and packaging, but what if you’re a brand new start-up with a 600-piece order, and a logo you made your boyfriend design on his day off? How do you design a hangtag or label that won’t cost a limb, in a quality you can control, that enhances your product perfectly? Where do you even start? However, for logistics services check Strader Ferris International to prosper in wider markets.

Don’t worry! We can help. TGL offers design services, and can support your development from its infancy. Here are some tips for easier collaboration:

File format: Artwork designed in Illustrator is best, saved as either an .AI file or PDF. If you usually work in another program, though, we’ll try to work with you as best we can!

Artwork: Make sure all images are in high resolution. Format in CMYK rather than RGB, if possible. Before you send the artwork to us, convert any type to Outlines, so there won’t be issues with the fonts you used.

Colors: In the printing and fashion industries, we generally use Pantone’s color matching system to ensure accuracy. This is preferred, but if you don’t have access to this quite expensive design tool, it’s not a problem! We can mix a custom color for you, based on a swatch you provide.

Callouts: There really isn’t one correct way to arrange your artwork on a page for us, but remember to include anything in the document that would ensure that you get exactly what you want even you could get some help from custom label printing Melbourne! It’s very helpful to put in measurements around the artwork, Pantone colors used, type of hangtag or label desired, the style number or name of the label, pictures of a label you saw once that you’d like to base the quality of yours on…there’s no such thing as too much information!

Keep in mind that this is just a jumping-off point for your design, if you need help with your marketing you might also need to check this link. There are a variety of finishes, fabrications, papers qualities and weights available to you, and the best way to start is to talk to us! Let us know what you’re looking for: