Since 2019, we’ve been honored to help American Eagle support an incredible charity: The Water Project. Many communities of Sub-Saharan Africa struggle daily with limited access to clean, fresh water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation. The Water Project’s objective is to alleviate this extraordinary burden by providing training, expertise, and financial support for digging new wells, rehabbing old ones, and building dams and water catchment systems that benefit schools, hospitals, and entire communities.

We just got an update from the Ichinga Muslim Primary School in Kenya, where we were able to help fund a 50,000-liter rainwater catchment tank, relieving the children from the endless task of fetching water from the community well before school and during lunchtime. Having water on-site saves school time for learning, and keeps the kids and staff from getting sick with better sanitation and access to hand-washing stations — especially crucial now, as we all continue to battle Covid-19.

Check out the project and all the cute kids of the Ichinga Primary School here, and please consider supporting The Water Project!